What is Sellers.JSON?

What is Sellers.JSON?

What is Sellers.JSON?

Sellers.JSON was introduced by IAB and is a way of tracking where the advertising money went. This will enable buyers to discover who are the entities that are direct sellers or resellers in the programmatic digital advertising.  

There is a second part of Sellers.JSON. This is the OpenRTB Supply Chain Object and it allows buyers to see who is selling or reselling a given bid request. It is a record of exactly what happened to an impression.

Sellers.JSON works through a series of files published by advertising partners. In the file, all SSPs and exchanges will have to list all their relationships in the ad request along with their ID as well as any legal detail that owns that company.


How is this different from ADS.txt?

Ads.txt verifies the supply side of the ad request while Sellers.JSON verifies the demand side. Sellers.JSON allows you to see the supply path to the source inventory.  This system indicates the most efficient path for the advertiser to bid on inventory, and creates more trust on the seller's side.


What do I need to do?

As a publisher all you have to do is make sure that the Supply Chain configuration in whatever ad systems you are using is set up correctly.

In a system like Google Ad Manager with a direct AdExchange account, simply enter the Sellers.json business domain and enable Sellers.json transparency under: Admin > Ad Exchange Account settings


In a system like Amazon UAM, you must declare your seller type as a “PUBLISHER”, not an “INTERMEDIARY”.  More details on Amazon can be found here:



If you need help with your sellers.JSON, please do not hesitate to contact us at help@advally.com