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Using Google Funding Choices As Consent Management Platform (CMP)

Posted by Paul Stanisci on 12, Oct 2021

Funding Choices is a Consent Management Platform (CMP) offered by Google to help you gather your visitors’ consent for privacy regulations.  It supports GDPR and CCPA, and is also IAB compatible.

When it’s used to manage consent for ads served through Ad Manager or AdMob, Funding Choices integrates with Google’s advertising services to help you gather your visitors’ consent.

To start using Funding Choices to manage consent on your sites and apps:

  1. Login to Ad Manager
  2. Click ”Privacy & messaging” from the menu on the left. 
  3. Click the Gear icon at the bottom left of GDPR or CCPA to configure the privacy settings for each policy framework. 

  4. When Funding Choices opens in a new tab or window, follow the prompts to get started on your consent message.
  5. Click save and Publish the message, it will appear on the site through the existing GPT script used to load ads from Ad Manager.

Please note, for Ad Manager users the user role permissions are required to access the "View EU user consent & CCPA settings" under Privacy and Messaging.


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