How To Boost Your Ad Revenue with Smart Ad Refresh and Video Adx

Covid 19 has run rampant for the past two years, it threw us a curveball and as a result, there was a high chance you ...

Covid 19 has run rampant for the past two years, it threw us a curveball and as a result, there was a high chance you had your revenue impacted. While we have always looked at seasonality for our yearly projections, no one could have predicted how Covid 19 would play a part in affecting our revenue.

With the start of 2022, it is a great time for you to get your ad revenue in order. Here are some tools we would like to offer you to enable you to reach your goals. You can use these tips from now until December.

Ad Refresh - This is simply having a new ad replace an existing ad while the user is still on the page. A managed refresh is a great tool for publishers to use to get more viewable impressions. An ideal refresh rate is 30 seconds. For best ad refresh results, a publisher’s ad stack should have more demand partners competing in their ad stack to have a high fill rate.

Make sure your ads.txt is up to date - Ads.txt not only increases transparency it also requires publishers to post their list of authorized sellers to their domain. It is important to have your ads.txt up to date because all eligible buyers can bid on your inventory. Here at Advally, we offer to host your ads.txt. This means; you will never have to update another Ads.txt again! This only takes a one-time setup.

The importance of mobile viewability - The average daily time spent per user went up 20% from 2019 during the pandemic, hitting a new high of 4 hours and 20 minutes per day. This equates to over 25% of the average user’s daily waking hours. And according to Cisco, 75% of mobile traffic will be video by 2022. Advertisers are using this data to spend their advertising dollars accordingly.Ad strategies are evolving to reach audiences where they are and so are the marketing dollars.

Consent Management - It is important that your sites remain compliant with the GDPR and CCPA regulations by using a consent management platform or CMP. This allows your site to inform visitors about the types of data that is being collected and ask for your visitor’s permission to collect data. Our wrapper is compatible with any IAB compatible consent framework and will pass consent to our demand partners.

Video ads - These ads have a tendency to perform better than regular display ads. We are more than happy to implement these on your site without compromising the user experience.

Listen to your users - It is important to see how your users interact with your website. Try to determine where they spend most of their time on your page by device type and make sure there is an ad viewable there.

Audience segmentation would be a good choice for you if you run a forum. This way, your subscribers can have fewer ads and have a better user experience! Feel free to ask us about audience segmentation as we have over two decades of experience in dealing with forums!


If you need help implementing these suggestions on your site or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at